Cure Revitalize Conditioner 8.5 oz

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$ 30.99
  • Cure Revitalize Conditioner 8.5 oz


Cure Revitalize Conditioner 8.5 oz

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$ 30.99

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  • Pre-Wash Healing Conditioner

    Reimagine the way a conditioner is used with Reverse Shampoo. It penetrates, preps restores, and strengthens hair. It answers the demand from consumers which completes the line of advanced and natural formulas for healthy, manageable, and strong hair.

    Apply our Pre-Wash Healing Conditioner to freshly shampooed hair, leave on for 2-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly and style as desired. A multi-purpose formula, it can also be used after the shampoo for those who don’t want to stray from tradition. No matter how it’s used, its ultimate goal is to cure hair of all that’s holding it back.


    • Penetrates, preps, restores, and strengthens hair
    • Cures your hair of its imperfections
    • The unique product is designed to cure erratic hair of its daily stresses
    • Light enough to not weigh down fine hair

    Active Ingredients

    Hair conditioner with Prodew 500

    Prodew 500

    Repairs hair damage while strengthening and protecting colour

    Hair conditioner with Quinoa


    Protects and strengthens the hair by repairing it strength

    Hair conditioner with Tripeptides


    strengthens the hair giving it brightness and shine