CLEAR CELL Salicylic Clarifying Tonic 4 fl oz

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$ 30.00
  • CLEAR CELL Salicylic Clarifying Tonic 4fl oz


CLEAR CELL Salicylic Clarifying Tonic 4 fl oz

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$ 30.00

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  • This clarifying lotion blends the power of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to sweep away dead skin cells and remove excess surface oil so skin stays shine-free. Herbal extracts refresh and purify clogged pores and help calm irritated skin.

    Physician formulated for:

    • Oily or acne-prone skin
    • Acne grades III and IV
    • Aging skin


    Saturate gauze and gently remove surface oils. Repeat if necessary for additional clarifying and toning. Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with one usage daily, then gradually increase to two or three usages daily if needed or as directed by a doctor. If bothersome dryness, irritation or peeling occurs, reduce usage to once a day or every other day. If going outside, use a sunscreen.


    Keep in the refrigerator for a cooling effect.



    • 2% Salicylic acid
    • Glycolic acid
    • BHA exfoliator
    • AHA exfoliator
    • Granactive acne (oligopeptide-10, boswellia serrata extract and honey extract)
    • Witch hazel
    • Arnica montana
    • Tea tree
    • Chamomile (chamomilla recutita flower extract)
    • Malus domestic fruit cell culture (apple stem cell)

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