SignatureBlonde Violet Condition 2 oz

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$ 13.99
  • SignatureBlonde Violet Condition 2 oz


SignatureBlonde Violet Condition 2 oz

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$ 13.99

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  • Description:

    Ultra-rich, violet conditioner neutralizes brassy tones while brightening. Penetrates to restore diminished strength caused by bleaching. Honeysuckle, Chamomile & Sandalwood Essence


    • Dramatically improves hair condition and reverses damage caused by coloring and bleaching

    • Instantly neutralizes brassy and yellow tones

    • Brightens, illuminates, and adds luminous shine

    • Significantly increases strength and elasticity while nourishing and smoothing

    • Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection

    How to Use:

    Apply to clean, wet hair. Leave on for 2 – 3 minutes. Rinse. Follow with SignatureBlonde® Restorative Filler.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Pure violet pigment instantly neutralizes and cancels brassy and yellow tones while brightening

    • Abyssinian, safflower, and chamomile oils nourish and enrich while smoothing and adding shine

    • Advanced ColorLast System™ featuring:

    • Chromaveil® and Heliogenol® for full spectrum color protection

    • FlexShield Technology for heat protection up to 450°

    • A superior blend of vegan proteins derived from potatoes and soy for maximum strength and repair

    • Rejuvenating botanicals of rosemary, geranium, sage, shiitake mushroom and yarrow to nourish, balance and protect