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At Total Beauty Experience shopping for products for men is a piece of cake. Men experience a welcoming environment, personalized customer service, and an enormous selection of products just for men. Our Men’s Department is situated close to the entrance so that men can easily and quickly find what they are looking for. It is stocked with everything they will ever need for skin care, hair care, shaving and fragrance.

Find full product lines for men at Total Beauty Experience:

  • Alterna for Men
  • American Crew
  • Art of Shaving
  • Bead Head for Men
  • Brave Soldier
  • Caswell‑Massey
  • Dermalogica Shave
  • Jack Black
  • Matrix for Men
  • Men & the Environment

Reuzel Grease Medium Hold Pomade

  • Mitch for Men
  • Murad Man
  • Pre de Provence for Men
  • Redken for Men
  • Reuzel
  • Woodys
  • Yonka for Men

art of shaving kit

Shaving Products

Our men’s product lines include shaving tools, shaving creams, pre‑shaving oils, soothing after shave balms and lotions. Even hard to find shaving products are available in store such as post shave cooling gels, beard conditioning products, and electric shave enhancers designed to enhance glide performance and prop‑up whiskers.babyliss grooming kit

Fragrance Products

Choose from an array of unique colognes and body sprays. These aromatic fragrances for men are spicy, citrusy and create an intoxicating sensual experience that women love. Find your favorite fragrance in stock today.

Hair Care Products

Total Beauty Experience’s Men’s Department offers versatility to a broad range of men and hair types. You will find everything you need to create the desired result and hairstyle, including hair gels, specially formulated shampoos and conditioners, hair sprays, pomades, waxes and more. Our hair care products are arranged so they are easy to locate and our hair care specialists are on hand to provide you with knowledgeable customer service. With such ease and convenience, you won’t want to shop anywhere else!

Skin Care Products

jack black men's productsOur skin care products work as hard as you do. They are designed for the athletes and laborers in all men. Our skin care product lines for men include: professional skincare regimens, skin protecting and nourishing shower gels, moisturizing body lotions, all‑in‑one face, hair, and body wash, specially formulated deodorants for sensitive skin, anti-chafing formulas, even antiseptic healing ointments. Taking care of your skin has never been easier! Ladies, with this vast selection of products for men, don’t be surprised when the men in your life ask to go shopping at Total Beauty Experience with you. It is an experience you both can enjoy!