Home Cleaning Supplies

Make Cleaning Fun, Harmless, & Invigorating

Turn monotonous household chores into a healthy, effective, aromatherapy adventure. Keep your home fresh and clean with our natural, earth‑friendly home cleaning products. If you’ve had enough harsh chemicals, medicinal smells, and inconsistent performance, we have alternative solutions that are both natural and effective. Bring fun and luxury to every household task as you clean your entire home in a singular fragrance. These unique cleaning products will invigorate your senses as well as keep you, your family, and the earth healthy.

Total Beauty Experience offers you an unrivaled selection of home cleaning products that include effective natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals. Home cleaning product lines include Caldrea Cleaning Products, Fruits & Passion CUCINA Collection, The Laundress® New York, and The Good Home Company. From dish soap, counter‑top spray, all‑purpose cleaner to specialty detergent lines, Total Beauty Experience will help you make the ordinary extraordinary!

Caldrea Cleaning Products

Caldrea believes that caring for your home should be as luxurious and healthy as caring for your body. So they have created the premier cleaning experience with products that are…

  • Highly effective
  • Consistently earth friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • A pleasure to use
  • Sold at Total Beauty Experience!

Housekeeping is about taking pride in what you have ‑ enthusiastically, proudly and knowledgeably. Caldrea uses the finest plant‑derived ingredients and essential oils to provide natural freshness and cleaning potency. We offer their full line of housekeeping products in luxurious fragrances for cleaning your entire home in a unified scent. Their line also includes cleaning tools and has a full line of laundry care and a collection just for the baby.

If you’ve had enough of harmful cleaning products with harsh chemicals, medicinal smells, and inconsistent performance, now you can be kind to yourself, your home and the earth with Caldrea household products.

Fruits & Passion CUCINA Collection

Soothing Hand Care for the Cook
Enjoy some tender loving care with this delightfully fragrant collection of decorative products derived from a sun‑drenched land where the olive tree and aromatic plants flourish! Made with pure olive oil to deep clean and protect the skin from dehydration, the Cucina collection of fine hand care products also contains olive tree extract, known to help repair minor burns and cuts, as well as sage and rosemary essential oils, selected for their antibacterial and toning powers. This home cleaning line also incldues dish soap, counter‑top spray, and room fragrance.

Soothing Hand Care for the Cook
Signifying “kitchen” in Italian, Cucina literally fills your kitchen with the delectable scent of freshcut aromatic herbs! Rather than merely masking cooking odours, the fragrant bouquets of Coriander and Olive Tree, Ginger and Sicilian Lemon, Fig and Savory Flower, Zucchini Flower and Truffle, Lime Zest and Cypress and Sanguinelli Orange and Fennel blend with the aromas of your favourite dishes that whet the appetite. What’s more, Cucina’s unique and highly distinctive containers, evocative of those you’d seen on a gourmet grocer’s shelves, will lend a refined look to any décor.

The Laundress® New York

Co‑founders Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Wieber have been entrepreneurs for over a decade, researching and revolutionizing the fine art of laundry. They are constantly discovering new solutions to meet, not only our standards of delicacy, fragrance and sophistication, but also our standards of environmental awareness in fabric care.

Why The Laundress?

  • Highly concentrated ‑ 3x concentrated for machines, 2x concentrated for top‑loading machines
  • Suitable for all machines, washing temperatures and water systems
  • Each product is designed specifically for each fabric with the most effective ingredients
  • Save money and avoid toxic chemicals ‑ eliminate 99% of dry cleaning needs
  • All products designed and tested on Gwen & Lindsey

Why We Are More Green:

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Concentrated product requires less packaging, less water and less energy
  • Recyclable plastic is used for all products and we recycle all packaging/shipping components
  • Scents contain essential oil blends, not artificial fragrances
  • We do not use artificial colors, dye or unnecessary additives
  • Allergen, phthalate, phosphate and paraben free

The Good Home Co.

The Good Home Company’s mission is to bring happiness and a sense of well-being into every part of the home. To this day, Founder and CEO, Christine Dimmik, still develops and tests every product by hand. She believes that a person’s life can be enhanced by fragrance and each Good Home product contains the finest perfumes and essential oils.

From the fragrances to the ingredients, The Good Home Company products are anything but ordinary and will provide exceptional care for the home environment. As with most household cleaning products, harsh chemicals are never used. In fact, most of the ingredients are based from vegetable surfactants. They are biodegradable, phosphate‑free and are not tested on animals.

The Good Home Company has grown tremendously since 1995, and to this day, Christine is constantly creating new scents and products. Her mission is to make every home a Good Home.

Our Home Cleaning and Home Decor Product Lines Include:

  • Archipelago
  • Caldrea
  • Cucina
  • Fringe
  • Glovables
  • The Good Home Company
  • Gracious Goods
  • Jesse Steel
  • The Laundress
  • Mark Roberts
  • Red Pomegranite
  • Simply Be Well
  • Tag
  • Umbra
  • Vases
  • Zodax