Supporting Our Community

We are proud to be an independent local business serving Sacramento, CA and surrounding communities.

Giving back to our local community is a privilege that is very important to us.


It’s the time of year that we start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. As we  gather around the Thanksgiving table or Christmas tree to celebrate with family and friends, we often think about those in our community who may not have so much to celebrate.

Organizations like the Sacramento Food Bank, Run to Feed the Hungry, River City Food Bank, and Ample Harvest , and St Vincent De Paul Food Locker are key to so many people at this time of year. They need our support to meet the demand.

There is also a food bank for pets, Titanic’s Pantry, which supplies a monthly bag of food for anyone needing help to feed their pets.

Your donations to these organizations, whether it be food, money, or volunteering can help in so many ways. You may want to take a look at each of the organizations listed above, or another not listed to find ways that you can be help. It only takes a small effort to make a big difference.

We can make a difference together!


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